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✓ Read ò Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon Ç If we were to categorize books that have literary merit but are depressingly non enjoyable in a human sense, Wonder Boys would be a front runner Michael Chabon can write I give him that Michael Chabon also writes the worst books I ve ever read Here you have a story about a writer that s a tough plot to start with that is not in touch with reality the character is even harder to write whom screws everything up because it is much easier to do the wrong thing than to be right all the time I know this creates conflict, and Grady Tripp and all his pot smoking shenanigans are supposed to make us sympathetic for the life that he has created for himself, but honestly, I could care less The biggest problem with any of this is that a novel about how hard it is to write a novel is a complete waste of time In the end, his overall loser mentality makes him insufferable But Chabon can On the surface, Grady Tripp is probably one of the most loathsome individuals I have ever read about in literature he s spent seven years on a 2,611 page monstrosity that has gone absolutely nowhere and like his life meandered everywhere, he s come to the dissolution of his third marriage, he s carried on an affair for about five years with the married chancellor who is now carrying his child, he s smoked an entire football field of weed, and yet he can t seem to cut himself off, and he harbors a certain amount of jealousy for James Leer, a student of his who has managed to finish his novel, while he has not and yet I liked him anyway, and I couldn t wait to see what crisis he would manage to find himself in the middle of next He s a train wreck, but he s a somewhat loveable train wreck all the same, because he recognizes that he s In His First Novel Since The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh, Chabon Presents A Hilarious And Heartbreaking Work The Story Of The Friendship Between The Wonder Boys Grady, An Aging Writer Who Has Lost His Way, And Crabtree, Whose Relentless Debauchery Is Capsizing His Career Wonder BoysOver Christmas I met a woman named Storm When she found out I was a writer she became excited and inquisitive Her therapist, she said, told her she should reinvent herself so she signed up for a five day writer s workshop She asked me all sorts of questions and I answered truthfully I told her writing was a great way to find out who you are, and also, a great way to express yourself.
Now I come home and find this book Wonder Boys on my bookshelf and it s calling out to me read me This novel angered me I felt it was dishonest and made a mockery of fiction writers and the craft of writing It is the story of a creative writing professor who can t finish his epic novel The Wonder Boys is a novel about writing the Wonder Boys, and ta 1 star I really hated it.
Somewhere around the part where the main character requested a pen to draw faces on his wiener the author s fancy word choice, not mine as he pissed behind a tree, I came to the realization that the remaining 179 pages were probably going to be just as unsatisfactory as the first 209 had been Immediately after deciding to officially DNF this one, I smiled for the first time since I had chosen to pick it up For a book that screams, Look at me I m funny I m so, so, so funny Did you see that, right there I was funny , it was decidedly unfunny The good news is that I was able to remove four other books from my TBR pile Clearly, Chabon and I were not made for each other Maybe if I enjoyed meandering plots where the author babbles on about senseless things but nothing actually progresses, maybe if I s This is the second book I ve read recently that involved the main character being an adulterer, impregnating someone other than his wife, and generally being such a screw up that they wreck the life of anyone who depends on them But while I hated Rabbit from Rabbit, Run to the point of wishing he was real so I could find him and pummel him with a baseball bat, I actually LIKED Grady Tripp and rooted for him to put down the joint and get his act together I d read Chabon s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier Clay and The Yiddish Policemen s Union, and I liked both those books, but this was the first book of his that I felt a real emotional attachment to the characters Grady isn t a bad guy He s just a doofus pothead who has let his love of weed dictate his life His avoidance of making hard choices has paralyzed him, especially with the writing of his monster nov It s been quite some time since I last laughed out loud while reading listening to a book Several scenes in this novel caught me just right, mainly, I feel, because Chabon and I share a certain man child sense of humor If you identify as a man child, maybe pick up this book and give it a read It s surprisingly short for being so long, which is to say, it s extremely well written, to the point that the words disappear and you re left with a movie playing out on the walls of your mind The audiobook is the way I chose to read this one, and I recommend it, although I m sure the book itself would be just as easy to read.

A writer professor, Grady Tripp, has been in the process of writing his fourth novel for seven years, with no end in sight, though he tells anyone that asks he is almost finished At Tripp s invitation, his friend and editor, Terry Crabtree, shows up to attend the college s annual writer s conference Crabtree hopes to obtain the long awaited novel from Tripp, as he needs it to save his job Tripp s personal life is in turmoil due to his adultery He is using so much marijuana that it is affecting his judgment and is not helping him finish his 2600 page and counting tome Tripp is conflict avoidant and has trouble making choices, but people are drawn to his congenial nature He keeps procrastinating until decisions are made for him by default Before the weekend is over, he will lose and gain relationships, influences impressionable What the heck have I been doing with my life Wonder Boys has been one of my favorite movies of all time because it hits all the wonderful buttons of writing and reading and being deliciously messed up and being so HUMAN.
And then somewhere along the line I read The Yiddish Policemen s Union and I still didn t make the connection.
So when I DID finally make the connection that one of favorite movies was really based on a book by an author I already described to myself as wonderfully inventive and crazy , I made a facepalm that even my great grandfather felt So here I read the novel at long last And it was like coming home It was the greatest comfort food It was all of the joyous mess and the compilation of all cautionar For a straight man, Chabon is very gay friendly I know there s been stuff written, possibly by Chabon himself, about early gay liaisons he undertook, but now the man s married with three, four kids And yet Chabon s smart enough to write this James looked over at Crabtree with a smile that was crooked and half grateful He didn t seem particularly distressed or bewildered, I thought, on awakening to his first morning as a lover of men While he worked his way up the buttons of my old flannel shirt, he kept glancing over at Crabtree, not in any mawkish way but with a deliberateness and an air of wonder, as if studying Crabtree, memorizing the geometry of his knees and elbows Indeed, at every point in the novel where Crabtree the editor of the novel s narrator, Grady Tripp, who teaches James Leer in his fiction workshop is shown gallivanting with a drag queen or seducing James, his sexua

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